iPhone, iPad, iPOD Touch    

It is now possible to sync this calendar with your iPhone, iPad or other IOS based device.  Simply follow the steps below.

1. Go to the "Settings" menu.
2. Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".
3. Select "Add Account"
4. Select "Other"
5. Select "Add Subscribed Calendar"
6. In the Server window, type the following link:
7. It will verify the link, then just save.
8. Now open your calendar app and ensure Extreme Life Public Info is selected in the calendar list and all the Extreme Life public entries should automatically appear in your calendar in orange.


1. From your PC or Mac, login to using the primary gmail account that your android phone syncs with.  (You must be logged into the full gmail website, not mobile or tablet in order to follow the rest of these instructions.)
2. Open your calendar
3. Click the little down arrow (triangle) on the right end of "Other calendars" on the lower LH side of your screen (may need to scroll).
4. Click on the "Add by URL" option in the ensuing pop-up menu
5. Copy and paste the following link into the URL field.

6. Click "Add Calendar" - ensure the "Make the calendar publically accessible" box is NOT ticked.

7. Turn your phone off and on again, or force a re-sync manually.

8. On your phone, open your calendar app. Press your menu button (one of the four buttons usually found on the bottom of android phones). Select More, Select Calendars.  Set the calendar "Extreme Life Public Info" to synced & visible.

The Extreme Life public calendar should now be available in your gmail calendar.

*NOTE:  These instructions have been tested several times.  However, there are many different Android variants out there.  If you have trouble, please contact for support. 

    Windows 8 Mobile    

1. Sign in to on a desktop computer - must be the full desktop version, not tablet or mobile.

2. Go to your calendar.

3. Click Import.

4. Click Subscribe.

5.In the Calendar URL box, type or copy-and-paste the link below

5.Enter "Extreme Life Public" as the name for the calendar and choose a color.

6. If you like, select a charm that will appear in every day that new events occur.

7. Click Subscribe.

8. Next time your phone syncs the calendar will become available. This will depend on the update frequency that you have set.