The Dream

1. We see us reaching Warrnambool and many surrounding towns, by modelling God's grace and love in a meaningful and real way, that demonstrates to others that there is a better way.

2. We see home groups that integrate people from a sick and broken society into families of health and wholeness.

3. We see Church Teams made up of Preachers, Teachers, Musos, Kids Ministers, Evangelists and Administrators being sent from this place to be a blessing to other churches around this country.

4. We see them establishing a working model on the ground there, and raising up others by training and equipping them so that when they return here, the model there continues.

5. We see Mothers and Fathers in the community coming here to be trained and equipped in the skills of mothering and fathering.

6. We see struggling marriages coming here to see the excellent models of marriage they have only heard exist, learning from us, and rescuing their own.

7. We see a community that encourages its members who would normally be social outcasts, to come to us to learn life skills so they can learn to become a functional part of the community again.

8. We see business people sending their staff to us for training because of our reputation for staff and people efficiency.

9. We see churches sending their people here to check out if all the stories are true.

10. We see people whose lives and words are built on the foundation of a whole Bible Theology.

11. We see a car park that can't contain the vehicles of our people and visitors.

12. We see a building with fewer and fewer internal walls trying to contain a swelling community of believers, sold out for God in a radical way.

13. We see thousands worshiping their God wholeheartedly and passionately, not caring what others may think.

14. We see people who will never give up praying for their unsaved families and friends and the rest of the unsaved across our town and country.

15. We see people who cannot be silenced in their raving and boasting in their great God and awesome Saviour.

16. We see thousands of dollars going out each week to sustain what God is doing around the world.

17. We see hands raised and teary eyes as the power of God breaks into more and more lives every day.

18. We see a church saying our building is way too small!.

19. We see Signs, Wonders and Miraculous Power flowing through us and touching those who need it most.

20. We see Preachers preaching, Teachers teaching, and all kinds of others functioning in their capacity under the direction of God, changing a society trapped in moral decay.

21. We see Dreamers dreaming, and God saying Your dream is too small.

22. We see those that God has marked as ours streaming in to make right their lives.

23. We see a city living and breathing the blessings of heaven, and people coming from all around to taste of a city covered in the glory of God.

24. In all of this, We see people pointing all attention and glory back to God, thanking him for all He has done.

25. We see all our home groups coming together for a Celebration Sunday totalling 3,000 and nothing less!