Coming NCMI Equips

New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI) is a translocal ministry team, with an apostolic heart, that is comprised of men and women who, through partnership, help pastors / elders build their local churches in doing the work of Jesus Christ’s Kingdom in their areas. Extreme Life partners with NCMI.  Their work is in equipping and mobilizing believers for the fulfillment of the work of the Kingdom and the discipling of the nations.

What is an Equip?  An Equip is what we call a time set aside for church leaders and members to get together, be envisioned and encouraged; to pray, worship, and fellowship together. The NCMI team comes prepared to teach, meet and encourage pastors, leaders and members of local churches.

We encourage all who call Extreme Life home to make a plan to get to these times. For more information, speak to someone on the leadership team.