Extreme Life is Christ centred, Bible based and elder led. We believe the Bible is God's inspired word and that He still speaks through His word today. We believe in the work and power of the Holy Spirit to empower us to live Holy lives and to work through us to bring God's kingdom here on earth. Extreme Life leaders are in relationship with the NCMI (New Covenant Ministries International) team. Through this relationship we are involved in ministry and mission in over 60 nations world wide and into 1000s of churches. This is a real relationship of key leaders with proven track records who are accountable to their own local eldership teams. We believe God's pattern seen in scripture is seeing His kingdom come in the world through releasing of local leaders and the planting of autonomous local Churches.

What to expect...
Worship We believe in a personal and corporate expression of love toward God, both as thanks for his love and as a recognition of our total dependence on Him. We express this by making awesome music and by singing; by physical expressions such as lifting our hands and on occasion dancing. These are not prerequisites or prescriptive, but the response of a glad heart. In all things we seek to prefer others and honour the leadership. If you consider the volume to be too loud, earplugs are available from the café.

Prophesy We encourage the contribution of the prophetic and words of encouragement from God in our meetings. This is done out of relationship with God, each other, in submission to the Word of God and to those leading the meeting. It is a security for us to exercise this accountability knowing that it is the leaders who must give account to God for the people entrusted to them in the church.

Giving How we spend our money says a lot about what we value. The Bible teaches us to "bring our whole tithe into the storehouse", therefore we encourage people to 'bring' their tithes and offerings rather than taking up a collection. This is a discipline of life and an expression of our worship in response and obedience to a loving God. You can find more information here.

Children are an amazing blessing and a huge responsibility. We believe the Bible teaches that parents take care of their own children and teach them to honour and respect others. Church leaders will not discipline the children of others however at times they may, in love, remind parents of this responsibility. We have a crèche available for preschool children which runs after the worship, the leaders will let you know when it is time to go. For nursing mothers we have a cry room, there is a video link so you won't miss any of the action.

JaM (Jesus and Me) is for primary school age children. Parents must sign in their kids prior to the start of the meeting and sign them out at the end. All leaders have working with children checks and there are strict protocols in place regarding the function of this part of church life. JAM takes place at another venue close to the building and children walk with the leaders. If you would like more information speak to one of the JaM team.  You will recognise them by their JaM t-shirts.

4Twelve Is the Extreme Life youth program. They meet on alternate Friday evenings. The youth leaders are Jacob and Hayley Snook. Feel free to chat with them about the youth program.

Preaching We regard the ministry of preaching and teaching God's word as a supernatural transaction. We seek to only have proven leaders deliver this ministry in our church. Visiting preachers are those with which we have established relationships and who do so in accountability to the word of God and our local eldership. You can hear preaching from our services on our podcast.

Powerhouse This meeting takes place on a Sunday morning. It is more than a prayer meeting, it is the engine room of the church. It’s a time where we can collectively communicate with our heavenly Dad and allow Him the opportunity to communicate with us. Each week may have a different flavour but it is always exciting, challenging and inspiring. It is our time to just be us as a church family all together with Dad. For meeting times, see our calendar.

How do I Get Involved? There are a number of ways you can get involved with Extreme Life. Step one is relationship. Speak to one of the leadership after the service.  We would love to meet you. Step two is linking to a Connections home group. Again, talk to one of the leaders to find out more info.  From time to time we have special events for Men and Women, as well as outreach and practical opportunities in the community. The best source of information is our interactive online calendar. Click on an event and it will give you all the details.