Our vision is to build a Bible based church that reaches those who don't know Christ in a real and personal way, and which teaches believers the Scriptures and how to live them practically in a very "non-Biblical" world.

In our effort to be "whole Bible" Christians, we choose to embrace the bible "plus nothing and minus nothing". In plain english, if it is there, we do it as best we can, and if it isn't we try to avoid it. As such, we are a non-denominational church (as we don't see denominations in Scripture). We are not however, independent as we don't see this in Scripture either.

We choose to build with an apostolic team called New Covenant Ministries International. NCMI is working into over 60 countries and relates with over 20,000 churches. We regularly invite those who are part of this team to come and minister into both the church and the lives of the leadership here. They are proven ministries who bring an outside perspective and help us iron out any areas that may need attention, keeping us on the right track. When this is done correctly, it is the furthest thing from independence imaginable.