We call these things our values, simply because they are important to us. We desire for these to be reflected in the daily lives of the church:

Bible Based: We believe that the Bible is the ultimate authority for the Christian.

Elder Led: We belive the Bible shows the church is led by a team of elders ordained by apostolic ministry and that elders are the highest authority, under Christ, in the local church.

Apostolic: We are linked with an international team that works into many churches.  Extreme Life Inc. eldership make themselves accountable to this team, allowing thier input of Biblical truth and perspective in relation to personal and governmental matters.

Prophetic: We believe in seeing, preparing for, and becoming the church of the future.

Flexibility: We want to always remain teachable and flexible, able to respond to God's leading and adapt where required.

The Nations: We believe in the God of all nations, not just Warrnambool, Victoria or even Australia; seeking to be involved in the spread of the gospel and involvement in the planting and support of churches across the globe.

Signs and Wonders: We see in Scripture that Jesus modelled these as a demonstration to the world of His Father's awesome power, and believe it when He said, "These signs and greater will be done by those who believe in me".

The priesthood of all believers: We accept that all believers now have personal and direct access to God the Father and no longer need a priest to go to God on their behalf, that leadership can give perspective and not permission and that all believers are responsible before God for their daily walk with Him.

Team: Right from the outset of Scripture, God worked in team and we believe that this is a model for us to follow. We can not accept the "superstar" mentality in the church.